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Founder, Wayne Wright began his Colorado brokerage practice in 2005, and has owned, operated, and sold several of his own businesses throughout the years. He has been on all sides of the transaction as a business buyer, seller, and advisor.

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It’s a fact that all of us will sell our businesses eventually for one reason or another.

Wright Business Advisors are lower mergers and acquisitions experts that began practicing in 2005. As business broker consultants serving Colorado, we understand the unique market dynamics that our Front Range offers.

The sad truth is that about 80% of our business owner’s wealth is tied to their business, and 70% of these owners are unprepared and do not have a full transition plan in place to successfully begin a new chapter in their lives.

It takes a while to get a business ready to sell for maximum profit. Whether you’re considering selling your business now or in the future, business owners should be planning their eventual exit now. This planning also includes eliminating and deferring taxes.

Boomers that are about 41 percent of all small business owners, have chosen to work longer than our previous generations, and they have been enjoying their profits, and as a result, they have not been ready to let go. Many felt confident that an extremely comfortable retirement would await them as they continued to build their “nest egg”, and decide on their terms when it was time to “sail into the sunset” and pass their legacy on to the next generation.

As a business broker consultant in Colorado, we anticipate a “Silver Tsunami” as many aging business owners (those born between 1946 and 1964) are tired and this last pandemic and recession have brought them to the realization that life truly is short and its finally time for a change. This mass exodus of small business entrepreneurs will lower the business acquisition demand as quality businesses began to flood the market, increasing the supply, and thus lowering business valuation multiples.

There may never be a better time in history to sell a business than now, as there are many incentives for buyers, such as historically low-interest rates. There is a large pool of qualified buyers with good credit and plenty of cash on hand, that have been sitting on the sideline and accumulating nice net worth.

If you are on the fence deciding whether to sell your business or not, now is time to plan your eventual exit.

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“Wayne is an amazing negotiator! Need I say more? Okay, I will! Wayne brought our business through many difficult turns in the process of selling. He is very personable and an ethical guy who you want on your team. He always knew exactly what we were facing and held our hands throughout the entire process. Thanks to Wayne we are now retired and planning the next chapter in our lives. Highly recommend Wayne to anyone. Thanks for all your efforts, much appreciated!”

-Conni P.

“I had the pleasure of working with Wayne on a recent business acquisition where he was representing the seller. From my initial contact with Wayne it was extremely clear to me that he was honest, thorough and 100% focused on providing exceptional service and communications. Buying and selling a business is an emotional roller coaster and requires patience, understanding and experience and this is what I experienced during each and every contact I had with Wayne. If you are considering selling or buying a business or are in need of one on one consultation or coaching then you truly could not be in better hands by reaching out and engaging Wayne’s services.”

-Simon G.

“Wayne is very wise, knowledgeable, and honest. He spoke in truth with my husband and I, which we are grateful for, as this was our first business purchase. If he didn’t know the answer, he went and found it diligently. Wayne was very patient with us, as he helped us navigate through this overwhelming process. Wayne was truly one of the best factors in the entire transaction! If we decide to sell or buy again, we will have no other broker than Wayne Wright. He is absolutely fantastic, and blessed us in amazing ways! Thank you Wayne!”

-Candice W.

“If you are currently reading reviews to help you determine if Wayne Wright is the right professional for you, please save yourself some time and STOP now! There is no better choice out there in our local market than Wayne Wright! I chose Wayne as my broker to help sell my business. Wayne has every tool imaginable ready and available because of his experience as a broker, past business owner, and business coach! Not only did he lead the charge in selling my business at the FULL asking price, but he also provided invaluable insight and guidance throughout the process. Several of those teachings I will take with me as I explore new adventures! Again, if you are deciding between a few different brokers and/or coaches, be rest assured your due diligence can end here! Wayne Wright is the RIGHT choice for you if you desire an outstanding professional who can provide the highest level of success!”

-Cory P.


“I’ve dealt with many business broker’s before, when selling and buying business and Wayne has been the best! I highly recommend him!”

-Chris B.

“I had the privilege to work with Wayne on a business acquisition over the last several months. With his coaching and vast knowledge in the field, he made what should have been a stressful undertaking into a seemless transaction. By the way, he wasn’t even my agent, he represented the other side of the deal. At no point did I feel like he was just in it for the commission. I will be holding onto his contact info for any future deals.”

-Garrett G.

“Wayne has helped us immensely these past few weeks as we’ve sold both our business and commercial building. In both cases he secured offers higher than we would have asked ourselves. I can’t believe how much energy he has! He made us feel as if we were his only client. In addition to being a commercial realtor, he is a business consultant that is very knowledgeable and his expertise took us through the whole process very smoothly. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. Any money spent on him is a good investment. If you’re buying or selling, going about it on your own is very risky as even a little mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. Wayne will do it right!”

-Keith H.

“As an award-winning entrepreneur, I recognize the importance of working with EXPERTS such as Wayne to avoid costly mistakes. As a CBI, he is in the top 10% of all brokers, reflecting a desire of delivering excellence in his profession. In an environment of thousands of business opportunities, it becomes extremely important to work with a professional to help filter the best from the rest. As one of the nation’s most respected business search firms, Wayne’s experience, resources, and expertise have proven valuable in helping others live their dream of business ownership and I recommend contacting him as an important FIRST step on your path to considering business ownership.”

-Larry C.

“I was always told not to trust a broker. However, Wayne has made me think twice. I was on the buying end of things so I cannot speak on hiring him to sell my business. I can say that what I purchased was exactly what he said it was. Should I decide to hire a broker to sell my business I will call Wayne.”

-Ben B.


Wright Business Advisors work harder and reach higher to get you more money with less time on the market. 

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