Business Coaching FAQs

1. What do business coaches do?

There are many types of coaches in life, and like any other type of mentoring, business coaching is no different. Most business coaches are more like partners instead of advisers such as a business consultant. Business coaches help their clients and their management team to uncover and resolve issues on their own with knowledge of proven strategies. Business coaches help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your business. We help you get out of your own way and put things into perspective and to “see the forest through the trees”. We help you to transition from working “in” the business to working “on” it. We hold you accountable and even provide a little motivation at times when your confidence is down, and you need it most. Mentoring is a huge game changer to help us become less biased, more focused, see the bigger picture, and earn more in less time. Oftentimes, we truly do get “stuck in the weeds” and need a fresh set of eyes and some hand-holding coupled with some butt-kicking to make things happen and reach our true potential.

 2. What do you do specifically as a coach, and what differentiates you?

Firstly, I care for my clients and I’m passionate about helping, coaching and mentoring others. I realize that I’m a trusted adviser and that relationships must be based upon mutual trust and respect for one another. I’m not the only solution for all my clients needs, so I enlist the support of my professional referral network when necessary. I consider myself more of a hybrid between a business broker and business coach. I’m a peer coach when I facilitate a group of like-minded entrepreneurs (non-competitors) that want to learn how to take control of their businesses using proven strategies (I did not invent) that I have successfully implemented throughout the years as a business owner myself. There is a dynamic gained from a variety of perspectives from an unbiased, fresh set of eyes in a peer setting that you cannot gain anywhere else, such as one on one consulting or with your team leaders solely. You will find that many of your peers are in different development stages in their lives and in their businesses and have addressed similar challenges as you face.
Additionally, I couple my peer coaching groups sessions with coaching sessions with your leadership team off-site.  Lastly, I coach one-on-one with you, in a safe environment bringing all three learning approaches together so you and everyone else in your organization are all on the same page.

I’m a consummate problem-solver and “big picture” thinker that likes to develop plans and procedures. I communicate in a direct manner, so my clients clearly understand me. I’ve found that in a peer setting, your peers also help to hold you accountable to the goals you set in our group.  I like to encourage and stretch my clients to take some calculated risk and make small, continuous improvements in their businesses.

I’ll provide you with tools to create an effective strategy to resolve issues and take your business to the next level and to make better decisions, ranging from creating a culture of success to mapping the process and creating systems, to hiring the right people, to building a strategic plan and everything in between.

Besides the fact that I have successfully grown and sold several businesses myself, I am passionate about what I do and have been trained by some of the best in the industry. Also, check out my 10 Reasons to Hire Me as Your Business Coach.

3. What do Executive Coaches and Business Consultants do differently from a Business Coach?

Executive Coaches work with you to improve your overall effectiveness as a leader, and in influencing others; including engaging employees, and improving your relationships at home as well as at the office.

Business Consultants are expected to be an expert in a specific subject matter. They analyze your business and typically provide the recommended action plan and solutions and often teach you the skills you don’t know.

4. How long is the coaching program and what can I expect to achieve?

It really depends on you, your skill set and current business maturity level. The goal is to teach you how to create a profitable business that runs well with or without you and enhancing your life to provide you the work-life balance that you’ve always dreamed of. Someone with a start-up may take several years to achieve what a more mature business owner would achieve in a year or less. There are no contracts or time commitments. When you feel you have reached your ultimate goal it’s time to part ways and hopefully we’ve become friends through the journey. I consider it an honor when my clients no longer need my service.

After receiving a lot of training from two Fortune 500 companies, I studied many business books. The first coaching I received was a one-year certificate program through the Small Business Development Center and I was taught the methods written by Verne Harnish in his book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. This was amazing information, but I found some of the material a bit difficult to implement based on the way the material was presented. I didn’t really appreciate its brilliance until I was introduced to and mentored by Chuck Blakeman after spending over a year in his 3 to 5 Group Coaching program. Chuck is the author of Making Money is Killing your Business. He presented a lot of the information I learned through the SBDC’s Growth Catalyst program however he added other practical advice and really made the material come alive for me as he coached in a peer group setting and via some one on one coaching. I continually implemented the material I learned from Chuck and even tweaked some of it a bit at times for my unique situation. The setting and group dynamics and hearing the frustrations of my colleagues really made me come to realize that I was not on an island. I later read Gino Wickman’s book Traction and it made things even clearer for me. Once again, I found much of the material I learned from Verne Harnish presented a third time. Thing6. s I didn’t totally grasp from Verne Harnish came even more alive to me. All of these individuals have made a meaningful impact.

5. Do I need to live near you to be coached by you?

I believe you will get the most out of a combination of peer group, one-on-one and with your management team. With that said, I understand it is not always possible so I offer online peer group coaching and at a reduced rate. All business coaching services are conducted via webinar, so you can be located virtually anywhere around the world.  You must understand and speak fluent English. I establish a very close rapport with all of my clients, even if we have never met face-to-face.  Please do not be skeptical of the benefits of online coaching.  Not only does it save you time and money but it also works.

6. How do I know if we’re a good fit for one another?

I offer a complimentary, no obligation, 60-minute telephone coaching session and at the end of it I’ll allow enough time for you to ask me any questions you may have to see if it’s worth giving it a try.

Just as you don’t know if I would be a good coach for you, I don’t know if you would be a “coach-able” client for me. No one is locked into any commitment and either of us can choose to terminate the relationship at any time with a courteous phone call or email.






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