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My blog posts are about business brokerage, business exit planning, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A), and business coaching ideas to help my clients grow their businesses by adding drivers that increase overall business value.

I help entrepreneurs sell their businesses and commercial property now or plan for their eventual business exit.


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Improving Financials and Record Keeping

Improving Financials and Record Keeping In the past, we discussed how diversification can assist in increasing value to your business. To continue, another top driver of maximizing business value is having "clean" books and records to improve your financials and...

Maximize Business Value Through Diversification

 Maximize Business Value Through Diversification This is blog 4 of 10 in my series, "How to Increase the Value of Your Business" - Maximize Business Value Through Diversification. In the past, we discussed owner dependent businesses, and how in order for your business...

Scalable Businesses

How to Increase the Value of your Company: Scalable Businesses As we know, there are numerous ways to increase the value of your business, this post will discuss key information regarding how buyers are willing to pay more for businesses with growth potential, also...

Predictable and Reoccurring Revenue Stream

Increasing your Business's Value Through a Predictable and Reoccurring Revenue Stream In our last post, we discussed how owner dependent businesses destroy business value. I wanted to bring attention to, yet, another important element to increasing your business's...

Tips and Tricks: Business Value Drivers!

Business Value Drivers: Owner Dependent Businesses There are a dozen or so ways to create highly valuable businesses, but one business value driver stands out to me like no other. As someone that has been on all sides of the transaction as a business buyer, seller,...

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