Sell Your Business

sell your business

So you think you want to sell your business in Denver?

There are many reasons to sell your business such as, simply desiring change, or a new challenge, burnout, to cash out, discouraged with current employment, disputes, divorce, retirement, unemployment or feel it’s a good time to sell based on timing the market cycle.

Some concerned sellers consider the current state of the economy and factors such as inflation and interest rates etc. Factors that are not in our control but that can greatly impact business performance.  Some would argue that the best time to sell your business is when the market is ready, which could be different from when you are ready.

When I sold my last business, I took out a piece of paper and listed all the reasons I should sell my business and all the reasons I should keep it and the selling pros outweighed the cons for me.  If you’re uncertain if you should sell your business and if it’s the right timing, you may want to get an outside opinion?  If I can be of any service to help walk you through this process, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to be as unbiased as possible and confidentially support you in this important decision-making process.

If you decide to move forward with the decision to open a new chapter in your life, then please consider our service and check out my reviews.

Confidentiality, Experience, and Empathy

We understand how important confidentiality is to protect the relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and keeping this information from competitors.  We have done these many times before and have a proven record of accomplishment to help you sell your business.

I am unique in the industry, being both a business broker and business coach, and have been on all sides of the transaction as a business broker, a business buyer, and as a business seller myself. I really “get it” and understand the emotions you are experiencing.

In addition to my experience, you also have the support of our entire team of professionals at Wright Business Advisors who will help keep the sale of your business discreet and on course, following proven procedures.

Collaborative Selling

When you choose us to sell your business, know that you are well cared for and you can rest assured that you will be backed by a collaborative team of strategic partners that are proven professionals with many years of experience, and that have the right solutions and the patience necessary to expertly guide you through the process and accomplish your goals. With years of transactions ranging from six to seven figures in size across many diverse industries including distribution, manufacturing, professional, retail, service, and E-commerce. All which involved many types of structures and challenges. We are also real estate brokers, and some of us have earned the prestigious Certified Business Intermediary (CBI)  designation. We are a solid team of individuals with integrity that adhere to our code of ethics. Another benefit for our seller’s is that we share our listings and buyer pool within our team to match buyers with sellers.

We Live Our Mission

  • We do what we say we are going to do: Properly, and punctually
  • We give value: Always an excellent return on your investment
  • We remember the “Golden Rule”: We treat others the way we want to be treated
  • We exude confidence and integrity: Always confident, open, and honest
  • We love what we do, and we have fun: Always putting things into perspective
  • We have a career/life balance and find time to pursue our other passions

Our Unique Marketing System

We pride ourselves in our marketing program to match the right buyer for your business and often receive multiple offers due to our creative marketing efforts and strong pool of qualified buyers that are looking for a business like yours

Our Business Partnerships

With our team of experienced professionals, you will have access to our tried, true, and tested business partners that have passed the test of time and will streamline the process and properly protect your interests

We are easy to do business with

No Cancellation, Engagement, or Listing Fees for our clients

Business Coaching

Another “value-added” service is the business exit planning coaching we give to help improve your business efficiencies, systems, and profitability in your company prior to professionally and confidentially marketing your business for sale. This extra service helps you earn the most profit in the sale of your business in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!