Broker Opinion of Value

Broker Opinion of Value

We begin by recasting your financials to normalize the Income Statement line by line in seven steps:

  1. We collect 3-5 years of Income Statements
  2. We adjust to reflect the true earning power of the business
  3. We adjust to exclude any non-recurring items
  4. We adjust to include expenses not already included
  5. We adjust to reflect any imminent changes
  6. We adjust to remove any non-operating income or expenses
  7. We adjust for income taxes

If recasting, we calculate the Global Debt Service Coverage Ratio to determine if the business will provide a buyer a suitable salary, ROI, and cover the debt service on the loan. Proforma projections are created to determine the future earning opportunities of the business, and we run an industry analysis to understand the business and industry trends, and a S.W.O.T. and Value Drivers Analysis to determine how your business measures up to industry standards.

We use a variety of valuation methods to determine the Most Probable Selling Price.

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“I was always told not to trust a broker. However, Wayne has made me think twice. I was on the buying end of things so I cannot speak on hiring him to sell my business. I can say that what I purchased was exactly what he said it was. Should I decide to hire a broker to sell my business I will call Wayne.”

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