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We are local business brokers serving Arvada Colorado, and are passionate about helping our customers achieve their dream of selling their closely-held businesses.

My family and I moved from Douglas County Colorado to Arvada Colorado in 2000, and I earned my Real Estate license and started my local business broker practice in 2005. I have owned, operated, and sold several businesses in Colorado throughout the years, and have been on all sides of the transaction as a business buyer, seller, and advisor.

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Here are some things to consider when planning your business exit.

What Buyers look for:

Some of the top signs that you’ve built a business that’s “buyer ready”:

  • You’re ready to exit and know that the business is in the best shape it’s ever been in
  • It’s a profitable business with increasing revenue and profit trend that’s also paying you a suitable salary
  • You have recurring revenue streams (stable, predictable, contracts)
  • You have strong systems/management/team in place (not owner dependent)
  • There’s a substantial growth potential (“scalable”) for the new buyer – increasing revenue while avoiding substantial cost increases
  • You have good books and records (“clean” financials, procedures, strategic plan/manuals)
  • You have a diverse base of customers and vendors (not having “all your eggs in one basket”)

What SBA Lenders look for in a Business:

  • Adequate business cash flow to service the debt (Global DSCR or around 1.25x (1.15x min.) on all 3 years historically) Ex. $115,000 in company cash flow / $100,000 projected annual debt payments = 1.15 DSCR. They are cash flow lenders, not collateral lenders
  • Pay a new buyer a reasonable salary
  • No declining revenue/consecutive losses
  • Personal history/citizenship
  • Relevant management experience
  • Good trends/growth each year – a track record of profitability and success
  • The working capital needs of the business (90-day supply for the buyer’s loan)

What SBA Lenders look for in a Buyer (Guarantor):

  • 700 or higher credit score
  • Enough liquidity to meet the cash injection requirements (min. of 10% on the entire transaction, some allow gifts with a letter and bank statements)
  • Collateral (shortfall will require life insurance)
  • Experience
  • Strong resume

So, if you’re looking for qualified Business Brokers serving Arvada, CO, then please consider our services. Owner, Wayne Wright can be reached at 720-436-1472 or by email at wayne@wrightbusinessadvisors.com.