Why Hire us as Your Business Coach?

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Why should you consider hiring us as your Business/Exit Coach?

As a business coach and business exit planner, we help business owners gain clarity and put together a plan to help them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. From growing their company now to preparing them for their eventual exit.

One of the biggest challenges with small business owners in growing their companies is a lack of knowledge and accountability. They create nice businesses and hit a plateau and don’t know how to take their business to the next level. They no longer experience the double-digit growth they had experienced in the past.  It’s holding their hands and coaching them through affordable modules that effectively teach business owners a proven plan that includes comprehensive planning, putting systems and processes in place, solutions meetings, and of course accountability. One of the modules includes a current business valuation of your business and how to improve upon the drivers that increase business value.

Here are some reasons to consider joining our business coaching/exit planning program:

1. Increase the Value of Your Business

As a business owner, business broker, and business coach with a successful track record, I have been in your shoes and practiced what I preach. As a business coach, I am empathetic and understand firsthand what you are dealing with day to day. I will teach you a practical, proven, and simple business system that will provide you results. I’ll teach you the drivers that will increase the value of your business, so you can earn a maximum profit when you’re ready to sell someday.

2. Proven Return on Your Investment

How often do you find an investment for your business that provides an average client reported return on investment of anywhere between 340-700%?  A Forbes contributing author wrote an article regarding a survey taken by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource CentreSelf-reliance, and they found that the average ROI in coaching was 700% of the initial investment!

3. Scale Your Business

Scaling a business and increasing profits isn’t as simple as one thinks. When a time-tested and proven system is implemented you to properly allocate and optimize your resources to drive the greatest results, and you’ll begin to appreciate why you went into business in the first place. When you learn how to scale your business properly, you can increase revenue with minimal, or in some cases, no increase in operating costs.

4. An Unbiased Opinion

Mentoring is a huge game-changer to help us become less biased, more focused, see the bigger picture, and earn more in less time. Oftentimes, we truly do lose sight of “the forest through the trees” working “in” our businesses, and not finding the time to work “on” it. Most successful business owners have a fresh set of “unbiased eyes” holding their hands along the way.  A good business coach will help you to uncover many “aha” moments in your company throughout your business coaching.

5. Accountability

One of the biggest factors for positive change is the accountability factor in our business and personal lives. Building anything significant requires time and patience. In addition to keeping you on track and holding you accountable, a good coach helps to reinforce your success drivers and keep you from going back to your “comfort zone” and reverting back to some of the old habits that were stifling your growth. Business Coaches bring clarity and direction and help you to keep things organized and simple.

6. Provide Hope

Having a positive and encouraging coach that has been successful themselves will motivate you to face your difficult challenges head-on. It’s nice to be able to work with a level-headed person that is not emotionally attached to the business.  When one has hope and sees “the light at the end of the tunnel”, coupled with faith, clarity, and direction, they have a renewed confidence and momentum that cannot be stopped.  As a seasoned business coach that has “been there and done that”, I can help you to see the big picture and keep your spirits up.  Your coach’s confidence will rub off on you, and you will no longer feel isolated, alone, or on the proverbial “island.” You will be more confident and ready to take on more calculated risks and reap rewards that you could not have imagined.

7. Shorten the Learning Curve and Earn More Sooner

You can leverage the experience from your mature coach and avoid costly mistakes and find business success much sooner with their proven processes than learning by trial and error.  An experienced coach can share their experience and help save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.  Shorten the learning curve while earning more. After all, time is money.

8. Help Provide Freedom

In addition to the accountability factor, when you have created a mature business that can run successfully with or without you, you have a work-life balance, which is true freedom.

9. You’re Expanding Your Network & Net Worth

In addition to expanding your net worth through increased profits, having a business coach in your corner acting as a “connector” for you will immediately expand your business network through their efforts. This oftentimes brings people and opportunities to your business that you would not have had otherwise.

10. Your Business Will Grow 

When you put in the time and effort to truly understand and fully implement a proven system in your business, growth is inevitable. Your business will grow, your team will grow, and you will personally grow. This is a permanent change that will last for your lifetime and for the lifetime of those that you have taught the processes to.

11. You Will Be Ready To Sell For Maximum Profit On Your Terms

Some 47% of middle-market business owners 55 years and older are interested in selling their businesses within three years, however, the scary fact is that over ninety percent of business owners have not even started the exit planning process.  Whether selling your business to your children, a co-owner, to key employees, or to an outside party the comprehensive plan is unique for every transaction and involves a cadre of trusted advisors to find the right successor for the right time and to maximize the net proceeds of the business.

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