buy a business

Just as our sellers have many reasons to sell their businesses, there are many reasons why there are individuals searching to buy a business.  The first reason is one that comes from a basic accounting underlying assumption, which is that of a “Going Concern”.  It assumes that a company/entity will continue running for some time that will enable it to fulfill its goals and obligations. There are benefits of buying an existing, stable business over starting one from scratch.

On the lending side of the equation, most lenders are more interested in lending money to an established organization that is already a customer base, employees, business partners etc. in addition to a proven, income producing, going concern. This is not the case when lending money to someone for their riskier cash eating startup project where they must experience the exhausting task of creating their product or service, niche, advertising and branding, equipment buying, hiring, training, and firing of unproven employees, developing strategic relationships, creating systems etc. All this often without making a profit for several years.  So, if you are in the market to buy a proven going concern, we understand why.

It is my goal to properly marry the right buyers with the right businesses.  If you or anyone you know, are interested in purchasing a business contact us and we’ll have you fill out our Buyer Registration and share our myriad business listings with you.