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We are Colorado Business Brokers that have been serving the entire state’s Business Brokerage and M&A needs since 2005.

Even selling a highly profitable recession and pandemic resistant business is an arduous task for the Buyer, Seller, and Advisor.

Our Colorado Business Brokers not only perform Business Brokerage Services in Denver, CO but throughout the state. The process begins with a business valuation using several methods, and confirmation that the business would pay a new owner(s) a suitable salary, cover the debt service on the loan, and a reasonable return on their investment.

Once the ad’s and Confidential Buyer Reviews have been created, it’s time to begin the marketing process. The old methods of simply marketing businesses on online business directory sites are simply not enough to get the exposure needed to find qualified buyers in a reasonable time frame.

Once a group of qualified buyers is found, Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements have been endorsed, the buyers are thoroughly vetted and introduced to the seller. When the best buyer fit has been determined, and a letter of Intent has been received the initial, limited, due-diligence begins, and the buyer will tour the facility and meet the owner. If all goes well, an Asset Purchase Agreement will be received along with a substantial earnest money deposit. Once the contingencies have been met, the closing takes place and the transition training begins.

Of course, there are a lot of emotions, sharing of sensitive financial, and other information during this process that the advisor (broker, intermediary) must contend with. Oftentimes our Colorado business brokers speak with accountants, attorneys, and lenders, in addition to regularly communicating with the buyer and seller. It is the advisor’s duty, to keep emotions in check as much as possible, and to keep the transaction moving forward to the finish line as smoothly as possible. All this is done while the owner(s) continue to run their business with the distractions of providing documentation, tours, and buyer meetings.

Whether selling to an outside party, or to an insider such as a partner, employee, or family matter every transaction is unique with important tax and other ramifications. Structuring the deal and negotiating the proper terms and conditions is vitally important. An experienced advisor can pay big dividends and minimize stress during this process.

There is nothing more frustrating for all parties involved – especially for the broker and the seller to see the deal fall through after working with a buyer for several months. This is why it is extremely important to understand the process thoroughly and have strong strategic relationships to maximize the outcome and owner profitability.

Contact Wayne Wright at Wright Business Advisors with any questions you may have about the process at (720) 436-1472.