sell your business in denver colorado

The stars are once again lining up for a very big year for business sales.  If you are on the fence and not sure if you want to sell your business in Denver Colorado this year, you may want to give it some serious consideration.

There has never been a better time to sell your business in Denver Colorado!  I have never seen a more favorable supply and demand scenario for business owners then now that are interested in selling.  Potential buyers that have been on the fence, are inquiring about opportunities with our company already this year like never. There is a variety of reasons like a vibrant local economy, the influence of foreign buyers and exchange rates, demographics, low inflation, relatively low-interest rates, new tax cuts, baby boomers retiring and presenting solid business opportunities, etc.

However, the most exciting news lately for business buyers is that the SBA announced Standard Operating Procedure changes that are now in effect.  The one specific change that is exciting for business buyers is the termination of the 25% down payment requirement for transactions with greater than $500,000 in intangible assets.  The SBA eligibility requirement is now only 10% in buyer cash!

Couple this with the ROBS programs that allows buyers to use their retirement funds for a business acquisition without any tax implications makes this a very exciting time to purchase a business.

It is true that many baby boomers have been holding onto their businesses after weighing their ROI options of selling now with low-interest rates, but many are beginning to make their move into retirement.

Sellers may also want to consider the economic cycle and economics 101 dealing with supply and demand.  When (not if) our economy slows down, and more baby boomers retire, our market becomes flooded with more listings and thus more competition, which affects business valuation.

We are also seeing more acquisitions from strategic buyers coming into the Denver market currently.

If you consider housing starts and existing home sales an economic indicator, you may want to do some research here.  After measuring the rate of change in Denver home values, the Seattle-based real estate portal, Zillow has found that Denver is now falling below the U.S. annual increase of 7 percent for the first time in a decade and is only calling for a 3 percent increase in its home value index for metro Denver.


We could be nearing the peak sales cycle and you may want to consider selling now?


Hi, I’m Wayne Wright, and I understand both, the buy and sell-side of business transactions and I have owned, operated, and sold a variety of businesses throughout the years. So you think you want to sell your business? Check out what we believe sets us apart from the rest here.

Buying or selling a business is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people, and as a business broker, I help navigate selling your business and make the process as painless as possible.

My niche is selling Main Street businesses with annual revenues from just under $1 Mil. to Lower Middle Market businesses with revenues up to about $10 Mil.

I am very familiar with selling local businesses in Colorado as I have been conducting business here since 1996. I can sell your business for the highest price possible while keeping strict confidentiality.

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