Denver Business Brokers

Are you considering selling your business and in search of Denver Business Brokers?

All Denver Business Brokers are not created equal.

It’s extremely important to understand what traits your looking for in the individual that will be representing you in what is most likely the largest asset you own.

Having an honest, hard-working, and organized broker that has a solid financial foundation on your side is oftentimes not enough to bring your business to the finish line and to a successful closing with the right buyer to continue your legacy. Not only should they have good people skills, but they should also be a licensed Colorado broker and receiving regular, advanced training, and certifications such as the coveted Certified Business Intermediary designation, is an example that they are serious about the trade their craft.

When Denver Business Brokers have a solid track record, great reviews, and have experience as a business broker, buyer, seller, and have sold businesses of their own, all the better. Many, smaller, boutique Business Brokerage firms with a strong team are able to focus on quality rather than quantity when having fewer listings to service than some of the larger firms. It’s much easier for them to remember the details of each person and the nuances of the business in each transaction.

Wayne Wright of Wright Business Advisors has accomplished all of the above and is a Business Coach that helps sellers prepare for their eventual exit if they are not ready to sell now. Wayne creates a coaching plan to help entrepreneurs increase their sales and profitability and scale their companies like they never thought was possible. Then, when they are ready to transfer their company to an insider or to an outside third-party, they are poised to earn a maximum profit.

Not only should Denver Business Brokers be experienced and “get it” when it comes to understanding how small business enterprises run, but they should also be outstanding negotiators and experienced in dealing with conflict resolution. Moving the transaction forward and keeping emotions in check are also excellent traits in a Business Broker.

Having a proven marketing strategy and the ability to ask the right (and sometimes tough) questions to buyers and sellers alike is also important, as is having strong strategic alliances with accountants, advisors, attorneys, and lenders.

If you want to learn if Wright Business Advisors may be a good fit for you, call (720) 436-1472 or calendar an appointment.

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